Tricia BoothThe owner of this website is Tricia Booth. I am related to the Southgate family of Great Snoring and the Tuck family of Little Snoring.

My Grandmother was a Rumbles from Walsingham – so you can see my roots are in the North Norfolk area.

I no longer live in Little Snoring. Our family moved to Fakenham when I was 10, and later I moved out of Norfolk altogether.

However, I began my Snorings Website several years ago when I began transcribing the parish records.

My mother was born in Dildash Lane, Great Snoring. This was a tiny two-up, two-down cottage which still exists (much extended) today.

The family then moved to a “new” Council House on Thursford Road, one of the range of progressive modern housing built during and after the First World War for those in need. The house had all amenities including an iron range with a hotplate for the kettle, coal fires, a wash house in the yard, and water from a tap (cold of course).

The Southgates have spread all around the world and now represent a significant dynasty. However, this blog is not about me, but I hope it will be about YOU and your family and interests.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Paul Jackson said:

    What a lovely transformation to your website – My Great Grandmother x 2 was Harriet Matilda who married James Howlett (Hope I have my facts correct) My father (John Jackson) was born in Great Snoring and grew up there attending the school and also the Methodist Chapel

    I love this part of Norfolk as my mother was born in Fakenham just a few miles away. Thanks for spending so much time bringing history to life

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