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This is the page intended for myself and visitors to post data about Little & Great Snoring, family trees, and anything else relevant to the Snorings website.

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  1. Hi, I think I have managed to trace my family tree back to 1761. The GOWERS family all lived in Little Snoring from around 1887 when my Great Grandfather Marshall Gowers moved to Lancashire. Up until then the GOWERS name and certainly my great Grandfather were in Little Snoring back to 1761. I haven’t been able to go back any further yet but would like to and I’d like to know more about the family name. If anyone has any info or can help in any way I’d appreciate it. I will try and visit Little Snoring in the near future. Thank you.
    Kind Regards
    Darrell Gowers (Winchester, Hants)

    • I also have been following this family tree and recently visited Little Snoring looking for any trace of the Gowers family who are related on my mother’s side. Her grandfather was Chas Gowers born Alfred Charles Gowers in Little Snoring. His father was Marshall Gowers. I was brought up in Lancashire. Through this marvelous website I found most info regarding the Gowers family. Visiting the area, the pub The Green Man and the lovely church was surreal. Be good to swap info.

      • Darrell Gowers said:

        I’d be happy to exchange the info I have as I have created a family tree on Genes Reunited.
        Your Great Great Grandfather Alfred Gowers had three sisters. Anna, Esther and Emma and a brother called Miles.
        Miles Gowers I believe had two marriages but unsure if he was a widower or divorced!
        If you can register on Genes Reunited I’d be happy to share my tree.
        Kind Regards

      • I have registered. I haven’t subscribed as am currently registered with thegenealogist site and have subscribed for a year to do searches there. I was not able to look at your tree but thank you. I have got all information so far from census’ back to 1841 and found links to parish info and other sites from the Snoring’s site and even found some information on there that wasn’t on the genealogist site – but is now. The Marshall Gowers I have traced back to was married to Frances and I am aware of eight of their children; one being Marshall the father of Alfred Charles, my Great Grandfather. I noted the death of Frances on the Snoring site as a pauper but aged 84. I wonder if your tree/search is following the same thread.

  2. jan foster-bartlett said:

    Although I was unable to find George Dunton/Dunthorne’s birth in 1770 I still enjoyed looking at this site and very much appreciate all the time and trouble you have taken to get so much information on here. Thank you.

    • Hi, if you check a website called http://www.freereg.org.uk you can search parish records there also. Although the Snorings website is brilliant I did find some records on this website that weren’t on the Parish records on The Snorings website.
      Hope this helps!

      • jan foster-bartlett said:

        Hi Darrell, Thanks for taking the time to reply and suggest freereg. yes, had already tried that, and every other site I subscribe to including Norfolk family history. 😉 No worries. I’m sure he will turn up!

  3. A blog I started in 2010 about 23 Squadron who was stationed at Little Snoring.


  4. Hi, I just want to say this is one of the best websites ever. It covers everything people trying to trace their family history need to know. I wish there was a site like it for every town in England.
    Now added as a link on dustydocs

  5. Peter Thatcher said:

    Submitted on 2013/04/22 at 9:04 pm

    What a super resource, much appreciated. I have looked at the records for Warners who moved to Great Snoring from Whissonsett. They are from my wife’s tree. The rest of the Warner family seemed to have moved to Hull.
    Strangely one member of the Warners married a Mary Plane, who was a distant relative of an old school friend of mine( from Fakenham Sec.Mod 1961-4), and I lived in Whissonsett as a child. It’s a small world!!!!

    • Tricia Booth said:

      We lived nearly next door to the Plane family and David Plane was a schoolmate of mine in Little Snoring.(Oaklands)

      • Peter Thatcher said:

        Billy was my friend from that time, and I’m still in touch with him – thanks to Friends reunited.

  6. Submitted on 2014/09/01 at 7:49 am
    I am an American descendant of Francis Chappell and Rebecca Olley of Little Snoring. They were married in 1637 at St Andrews.
    their son, Francis, emigrated to Hempstead, Long Island, where he married Martha Smith and became town manager in 1683.
    Their son, william, was baptised at St.Paul’s church in Kingstown, Rhode Island in 1722.

    We do not know when Francis of Little Snoring emigrated to America or if he had a wife prior to his emigration.
    my wife and I would like to visit Little Snoring soon.
    thank you.
    Tom Chappell
    kennebunk, Maine

  7. “Did John Pearson (1613-1686) marry and have children?” (moved to here from the home page where it does say, please don’t post your messages on the Home Page.) Posted by Sandy at sfgobb9905@att.net

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